Dauphin, Canada

The winter storm warning for all of the Parkland remains in effect.

The Colorado Low is expected to dump another 10-15 cm of snow today and this evening.

Manitoba Highways has closed the south junction of Highway 10 to the north junction Dauphin By-Pass this morning long with the Highway 10 through Riding Mountain National Park.

Highways are being reported as snow packed, with drifting snow and reduced visibility.

Drivers should use extreme caution when travelling.

A snowfall warning is in effect for the Parkland.
 Environmental Canada is warning those in the area to be prepared for winter conditions. 
People should be on the lookout for adverse weather conditions and take necessary safety precautions. 

Dry soil could cause major shifting and cracking of your home foundation.  

With the lack of moisture in the ground, the soil around homes is pulling away and leading to major structural problems.

One expert in Winnipeg recommends watering your foundation to stop major cracks from forming.

 If you notice any problems you are encouraged to contact a foundation company right away.

A Major winter storm is expected to begin tomorrow night.

 Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement saying a Colorado Low is anticipated to hit the Parkland area.  

This winter storm will bring heavy snow, freezing rain, strong winds, and blowing snow to parts of southern Manitoba starting Sunday night and likely lasting until Tuesday.

It’s expected to cause travel delays in some areas of the Parkland.

Pam Little, from McCreary, was nominated for a Women of Distinction Award from the YWCA.

Her friends decided to nominate for the award, for all the work she has done within her community.

Pam is taken back, about being recognized for her contributions to the McCreary area by members of her community.

 “I think it’s quite an honour. It’s nice because you’re nominated by people that you work on community events and committees with. That makes it special, they’re good friends. I think that my only hesitation is that there are lots of women who don’t have the privileges that I do; that do as much in their lives as I do, or more.”

The 31st Annual YWCA Women of Distinction Gala takes place in Brandon on Thursday.

At the Optimist Festival, last week in Winnipeg, two concert bands from the DRCSS were recognized.

The Grade 9 and Senior bands received the highest score possible, earning three five-Star ratings from each of the adjudicators and a Superior Performance Achievement Award.

DRCSS Band Director, Taylor Schmidt, explained how the ratings worked:

“All three bands did wonderful. We did go there and ask for a rating.  So the rating system is a star system; one-star, two-star, three-star, four-star and five-star ratings and you have three adjudicators that listens to each of the bands.  Each adjudicator gives an overall rating based on a list of criteria they have and our Grade 10 ensemble received two three-star and one four-star rating.  Our Grade 9 and Senior concert band, they actually received the highest rating you can at the festival, and that would be receiving a five-star rating from each of the adjudicators.”

Approximately 114 students from the DRCSS performed at the festival.

A Roblin teacher also received a nomination as Educator of the Year.

Chad Peters, a Grade 3 and 4 teacher from Roblin Elementary, explains his initial thoughts on receiving the nomination.

“Probably my first response is I am humbled. And the question that many of us always ask is why me, what have I done that’s worth noting. I’m sort of a behind the scenes, not a sage on the stage and so I was honoured but I was humbled as well.”

The awards were presented on February 23rd at the “Yes I Can” Awards.

Manitoba won’t be getting their prison farm back anytime soon.

The federal government has announced they are opening two federal prison farms in Ontario at a cost of four million dollars.

There are currently no plans to reopen Manitoba's Rockwood farm.

Rockwood Institution was a minimum-security facility at Stony Mountain located north of Winnipeg.

It was a dairy operation, primarily.

The farm prisons were shut down back in 2010.

The Municipality of Grandview council plans to have representation from six members after the next election.

Also at the most recent meeting, it was discussed to go with a two ward system, with an urban and a rural.

Originally planned to reduce councillors to four, it’s being proposed to go with three urban and three rural.

Grandview Mayor, Lyle Morran, talks about one of the biggest concerns voters have:

“I guess something that everyone has to remember, the ward system is really only for the election. After that, each councillor represents the whole municipality.”

The by-law still requires a third reading, and that will take place in a couple weeks.

HIV is on the rise in Manitoba.

Saskatchewan has the highest rate of new cases in Canada, and Manitoba is second on the list according to the latest figures.

In 2016, there were 128 new cases reported to Manitoba Health.

This is an increase of 47 percent compared to 2014.

Getting Parkland grain to market is part of the reason the president of the Keystone Ag Producers traveled to Ottawa this week.

 Dan Mazier spoke in front of the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications.

In his presentation, Mazier spoke about how vital the rail system is to the ag economy.

 “Part of the problem with this rail service is the railway companies are controlling the Canadian economy. It’s eliminating the growth potential; we could be making the most of the second biggest crop in Canadian history. They are eliminating the opportunity to market it.”

Mazier urges Parkland producers to get in contact with agriculture ministers, Liberal members of Parliament to voice their concerns about this issue.