Dauphin, Canada

Mandatory livestock inspections in Manitoba is an issue at the Manitoba Beef Producers AGM.

Yesterday a resolution was put forward to recommend that MBP lobby the provincial government to implement mandatory livestock inspections.

 General Manager Brian Lemon says the issue has been coming up for many years:

“It’s a program that’s available in Saskatchewan. It’s a program that’s available in Alberta. We already have Saskatchewan livestock inspectors present at a number of auction marts in the western part of Manitoba, inspecting on behalf of Saskatchewan cattle heading that way.”

Lemon also says: 

“In a lot of ways it’s going to align us with what’s going on in some of the other provinces we deal with. It’s going to be interesting to see where it goes.”

By a vote of 45-42 members of MBP voted in favour of the resolution.

A local fisheries concern has prompted the Manitoba Metis Federation to call an Emergency Fisheries Meeting.

Four Interlake fisheries are out almost $1 million dollars, after an open market deal went sour.

David Chartrand, MMF President, elaborates on the situation:

“You start looking at, in the overall concept, where there’s potentially over a million dollars unpaid on accounts, sitting for fishers to collect; agents, who are selling fish on their behalf, now claiming they also didn’t get paid from buyers in the United States, and that’s where most of the product was being shipped, and leaving fishers at a loss.”

The meeting is on Tuesday in Winnipeg, and to register, call 204-586-8474.

The Manitoba government announced increased public school funding today.

The province will invest 1.3 billion dollars in school divisions for the 2018-19 school year.

This is an increase of 6.6 million dollars, however there will be a 15% reduction in administration costs.

Education financing will be examined in further detail in early 2019, when the province will be reviewing the kindergarten to grade 12 education system.

The success of the beef industry is the focus of this year’s Manitoba Beef Producers Annual General Meeting.

It’s taking place today and tomorrow in Brandon.

President Ben Fox talks about some of the big issues that are going to come up at the meeting:

“There’s resolutions dealing with livestock inspection, we’ve heard a lot of comments, both positive and a few negative. There’s some resolutions on use of animal products in certain situations for baiting bears, and things like that, that will be interesting.”

With the theme of Building Our Future, this year’s AGM is focused on helping producers improve and expand their operations.

The RM of Dauphin has hired a new Chief Administrative Officer.

Robin Wiebe will be bringing six years of experience as a CAO, and prior experience in the accounting field.

Wiebe will be working alongside the present CAO, Laura Murray, for a few months prior to Murray’s retirement.

The city of Dauphin has announced a road closure for today:

3rd Street SW, between 5th Ave SW and 6th Ave SW (in front of the Personal Care Home), will be closed to all traffic to repair a water main break.

Be prepared to detour.

Recent allegations of inappropriate tickling were made against a former MLA.

Five women came forward stating former Finance Minster Stan Struthers harassed them for years.

Complaints were issued to NDP brass back in 2010 and 2015, yet the party failed to act.

Struthers issued an apology to the women.

The community of Roblin is supporting their local pharmacy and speaking out.

A petition is at Mitchell’s Drug Store to show support, after the loss of a pharmaceutical contract to provide services at the local personal care home.

Co-owner and operator of Mitchell’s Drug Store, Sean Keehler, explains the main concern with the contract:

“The biggest impact is going to be the timeliness they can get medication to the care home.  Last week alone, we took deliveries to the care home on eight different occasions throughout the week.  The contract, I believe, with MediSystems, is they will deliver once a week and they will promise overnight service, but I believe that is going to be an extra cost to the care home, from what I understand, but I haven’t seen the contract, so this is just what I understand is happening.

People can sign the petition up until Wednesday.

Megan Brunen and Erin Knight had life-changing experiences when they competed for the Loran Scholarship Award.

A chance to win a $100,000 scholarship is given to 30 students nationwide, and smaller awards are given to the runner-ups.

Brunen, a Grade 12 student at the DRCSS, talks about her overall experience:

“Oh, it’s been a great experience, honest, I feel like I could do well in any interview, moving on in the future, and I feel very confident.”

Knight, former graduate from Gilbert Plains Collegiate Institute, talks about her experience winning it:

“It’s been crazy, it’s a total life-changer. Another part of the scholarship is they give you a mentor and that’s been something that actually has been extremely helpful to me.  The other part, about the scholarship, that’s helped me a lot, is getting the opportunity to explore.  They funded my trip to Singapore this summer, where I worked for a non-profit organization there, and they funded my internship in Vancouver.  So I’ve gotten to explore the world quite a bit with Loran and plus the opportunity to go to school out-of-province.”

Brunen won a $5,000 scholarship to the university of her choice, and Knight won the full $100,000 scholarhsip in 2015.

The Dauphin Relay for Life is taking registrations tonight.

People can go to the Dauphin Market Place Mall this evening to sign up.

Angela Kotyk, Chair for the local event, explains some of the information about this year’s relay:

“We’re going to talk to people about the fact that we’re changing up the relay a little bit this year, and it’s going to be in a new location. It’s actually going to be at Credit Union Place, on June 8, Friday evening, from 6:00 to 12:00."

Team kits will be available at the registration tonight, and the event is on June 8.

Trade is a major issue in the Manitoba Beef industry.

It’ll be covered in detail at the Manitoba Beef AGM, taking place tomorrow and Friday, in Brandon.

Brian Lemon, the General Manager of MBP, says they have an expert on trade speaking at the conference:

“We do have a speaker coming in, a gentleman, named Fred Gorrell. He is the Assistant Deputy Minister with Agriculture Canada, on the markets and industry sides. We’re excited to have him come in and talk about TPP, and the opportunities for our industry, with the signing of TPP, but also come in and talk about what is happening with NAFTA.”

Fred Gorrell is set to give his presentation tomorrow, at 10 in the morning.