Dauphin, Canada

The Co-op’s fuel up my town contest starts today and goes until the 21st.

The contest was created because Devin Dreger, an 8-year-old from Oak Bank wanted Oak Bank to be involved in the fuel up to win contest last year. Co-op loved the idea and has given every town the opportunity to win the prize.

To enter your town watch for the fuel up my town posts on social media and hashtag fuel up my town and hashtag the name of your town. Each person can vote for their community three times, once on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The twenty-five towns mentioned the most on social media across Western Canada will have the chance to win 25 thousand dollars for their community.

The winning towns will be announced on the launch of Fuel Up to Win on February 28th, 2019, with a kick-off event to award the $25,000 Community Donation at the top winning town

The Habitat for Humanity Manitoba Chapter held their annual conference.

Anna Orisko, 17, youth chair of Dauphin’s Habitat for Humanity Chapter, represented the Dauphin Chapter and presented at the conference.

“I got asked to speak last year and my job is to do a reflection about the Dauphin Chapter, so I talked about how I got the youth involved in our community. Showing them to be thankful and I explained that we needed to teach our younger generation so we can have an ongoing movement of people helping to change the world.”

At the conference there was a number of presenters and keynote speakers, they also learned about perception and determination.

Volunteers from all over Manitoba travelled to Winnipeg for the Conference.

RCMP made an arrest after finding a large illicit cannabis grow operation in Winnipegosis.

On October 19th Winnipegosis and Dauphin RCMP executed a Controlled Drug and Substances Act warrant at a home on Bridge Street.

They seized 94 cannabis plants found in various stages of growth.

Ronald Allan Sobotkiewicz was charged with:

Possession of Illicit Cannabis
Possession for the Purpose of Distributing
Possessing Cannabis for the Purpose of Selling
Cultivate, Propogate or Harvest a Cannabis Plant that is from Seed or Plant Material that is Illicit Cannabis

Since cannabis became legal on October 17, 2018, until October 24, 2018, RCMP have charged the following:

Unlawful Transport in or on a Vehicle x 12
Consume Cannabis in a Vehicle x 2
Consumption of Cannabis by a Young Person
Possessing illicit Cannabis x3 (this includes a 16-year-old selling at a school)
Impaired by Drug.

The RCMP want to remind everyone that Cannabis can't be grown at home in Manitoba. It can only be bought from approved distributors as outlined in the federal Cannabis Act and the provincial Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act.

If you want to bring it somewhere via a car, it must be secured outside the passenger compartment, or under the furthest seat away from the driver in a van or SUV.

Today is the last day that Greyhound busses will operate in Western Canada, and parts of Ontario.

Greyhound announced earlier this year that it would end services in those areas as of October 31st; citing a large decline in ridership as one of the main reasons for doing so. Only one route, the Vancouver to Seatlle route, will remain in Western Canada.

Maple Bus Lines has stepped in to offer round-trip routes from Winnipeg to Thompson, which includes stops in Dauphin, Ste. Rose, Neepawa, and The Pas, among other stops. 

The last Greyhound bus has already left Dauphin, and if you would like to view the schedules at Maple Bus Lines, click here.

The RCMP is offering some safety tips to make sure everyone stays safe when kids are trick-or-treating tonight.

For Motorists:

If you’re driving around tonight make sure you’re watching out for kids running around going house to house.

The police remind motorists that kids might forget simple pedestrian safety rules in all the excitement.

They also recommend going slower in residential areas and proceed with caution when going in or out of a driveway or backing up.

For the kids:

They recommend never trick-or-treat alone, so always walk with an adult or a group of friends.

Wear reflective, bright colour costumes so they can be seen.

And don’t go inside to get a treat, wait outside if the adult has to get something.

For homeowners:

Avoiding open flames in displays is one of the tips the RCMP are giving to homeowners as they celebrate Halloween.

Another tip they give is to keep your home and doorway well-lit and clear sidewalks and pathways for safety.

Canada Post announced earlier this morning that employees in Brandon and Winnipeg have returned to work.

Employees in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, also returned to work today. However, strikes are ongoing in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and Weyburn. Workers also went on strike as of 12:01 this morning in Charlottetown and Summerside, P.E.I. There are 5 communities in British Columbia, and 7 in Ontario where strikes are ongoing as well.

Canada Post says they will work to restore service and deal with any backlogs as employees return to work.

Last night was a surprise for firefighter Ernest Karpiak, as he was given the Jack Carey Memorial Firefighter of the Year award.

The award is usually given out at the Firefighters Ball. However, Karpiak is going to be out of town that weekend, so the Dauphin Fire Department set up the surprise event.

Karpiak was going to city hall under the impression he was meeting the new councillors and explaining to them what the fire department does for Dauphin.

Karpiak explains how it feels to win the award.

“It feels very humbling to be nominated for this award and receive it. It is voted on by your peers for going above and beyond the call of duty and it truly feels amazing to be a recipient of it.”

He won the award because a few months ago he saved a co-worker from choking at a work function in Brandon.

New councillors for the RM of Dauphin are sworn in.

The RM held a ceremony last night where each councillor took the oath of office.

New Reeve Ron Ryz is looking forward to working with the new group of councillors.

“I told the other councillors that they got elected as individuals and now we are going to work as a team. The RM we have our team in place already. We have our crew that works outside. Then we have our office team. The ladies in our office are awesome. They get along very well. Then we have our council, and we’re going to be a team. We’re going to put all those teams together and basically form one great super team."

He says they have a lot of work ahead of them and that he’s quite excited about it.

“We had a lot of accomplishments that we did last term, and we’re going to build on them. When we meet with council we will determine what direction they are going to go and what we are going to do.”

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passing the ham

Ron Ryz 3

There were no injuries in the collision on Main St. yesterday afternoon.

A northbound car was turning left and was hit by a car driving south.

The two-vehicle accident occurred on Main Street by 7-11 and Parkland Source for Sports.

A trailer was burned to the ground north of Ochre River.

The Ochre River Fire Department responded to the home around 1 in the afternoon yesterday and stayed until around 8 in the evening.

When they arrived, the entire building was fully engulfed in flames.

The fire department determent that a baseboard heater was probably the cause of the fire.

No one was home at the time of the fire.

The Farm Products Council of Canada has started the public hearing process to figure out the benefits of a hemp Promotion and Research Agency.

Having the hemp PRA would allow hemp growers to be involved in the advancement of the industry while helping them with research and promotion as well.

The biggest reason for getting a national agency is that hemp is a small acreage crop.

If there were 3 or 4 provincial agencies funds would get eaten up by administration costs.