Dauphin, Canada

Dauphin Firefighters were recognized yesterday for the contributions they make for the city and the region.

The City of Dauphin hosted the 2018 Firefighters Appreciation Evening to honour their dedication to keeping our community safe.

During the evening two members of the department were recognized for five years of service and two others were recognized for their time with the department after they decided to retire.

Dauphin Fire Chief Cam Abrey says this annual event is a great way for city representatives to say thank you to the firefighters.

“To have a recognition night like this where they actually come out and sit with the firefighters and shake hands and get to know each other on a first basis. They know the politicians actually care about their safety.”

Representatives from the city, RM, and the RCMP came out last night to show their appreciation to the department. 

The Little Steps Head Start Program is receiving provincial funding for the first time.

The program, out of the Dauphin Friendship Centre, was one of the three programs in the Dauphin constituency to receive extra funding for child care.

Candace Demeria, Program Coordinator for Little Steps explains the funding situation with the provincial government.

“Because head starts are federally funded from the public health agency of Canada, we’ve been exempt from receiving any funding from the province, so this is huge for us as we are no longer exempt and we will now be receiving funding from the province.”

Little Steps received 20 Nursery School spaces in the Tuesday announcement.

Getting ready for the new growing season is one of the reasons Parkland producers attend Dauphin Ag Society’s Farm Outlook conference.

Farm Outlook 2018 has presentations from 8 experts from across the province.

 Cassandra Tkachuk Production Specialist with Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers is giving a presentation on farm network research and soybean agronomy.

Tkachuk says attending events like Farm Outlook is a great way to get ready for the upcoming growing season.

“It’s a good compilation of a lot of different topics and I think growers are definitely curious to see what’s coming down the pipe.”

Farm Outlook 2018 takes place today from 8:30 to 4:30 in the Lion’s Den at the Rec complex.

Tickets are 15 dollars each and can be picked up at the door.

Ritz Machine Works from Dauphin are opening their first U.S. facility.

The company plans to open a 26,000 square foot facility in Cambridge, Minnesota.

 Ritz is currently moving equipment for the new plant and should be ready to start shipping product to customers by June 1st.

Adam Teeter, Director of US operations for Ritz Machine Works, says their new facility will increase their reach for new customers and help support the increasing demand here at home.

“This is only an addition to the business here at home. I think it’s important for everyone to know that this is not a downsizing of our Dauphin facility. Its growth and we are looking to utilize that U.S. facility to grow our capabilities here in Dauphin and not to detract from it.”

 Some of the products manufactured by Ritz include bus frames, air intakes, pollution converter devices, engine compartments and exhaust assemblies.

The Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off is increasing to $2.50 a head on April 1st.

 The process to increase it from the current $1 has been in the works since 2016.

Brian Lemon, the General Manager from the Manitoba Beef Producers, talks about the work that was done to get to this point.

“It was passed by the membership at our AGM in 2016, so fully two years ago. It’s taken a while to get all the legal pieces in place and make sure we are aligned with the legal processes in the other provinces to make sure we implement the check-off in alignment with our key trading provinces in the beef industry, those being Saskatchewan and Alberta.”

The National Check-Off increase will be going towards market development, promotion and research initiatives that’ll continue to advance the national beef industry.

The government recently announced funding for local child care centres.

Daily Discoveries in Gilbert Plains, as well as Magical Horizons and Little Steps Head Start Family Program in Dauphin, received the 26 newly-funded spaces.

Brad Michaleski, MLA for Dauphin explains the advantages for parents in the Parkland.

“It enables parents to get out and be able to take additional education or go to work. The childcare spaces are facilities that look after children in a good way and it helps the parents and families get ahead.”

The investment is a part of the Canada-Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, where 1400 spaces were promised in the province.

The following bus cancellations have been announced for the Parkland:

In Mountain View School Division, Grandview bus 1 driven by Rick Parrott.

CKDM will continue to update cancellations throughout the morning.

The City of Dauphin has announced a road closure.

Dunfield Avenue from Mountain Road to Bond Street will be closed to all traffic to repair a water main leak. 

Be prepared to detour.

100 per cent of unionized workers at the Dauphin Safeway store voted in favour of a strike to back contract demands.

Jeff Traeger, President of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 832, says a fear of a store conversion is one of the main issues worrying local employees.

"They were going to be closing some stores in Manitoba. We asked them which stores, they refused to tell us which stores. So we don’t know if Dauphin is one of those. They also say they are going to be converting some stores to a discount banner. That’s recently happened with a recent employer in Dauphin when the Extra Food store converted to a No Frills. And we don’t know because the company refused to tell us which stores are slated for conversion.”  

The union says workers will be in a legal strike position on March 18, the day after their current contract expires.

The Mountain View School Division is holding their Public Budget Forum tonight at 7.

The Forum was originally scheduled to take place on Monday, but the winter storm caused MVSD to postpone.

The Forum will include discussing where education dollars will be going in the Parkland.

If you can’t make it to the forum, it will be live streamed on the school division’s website, MVSD.ca.

Learning how to write from an expert is what youth attending a songwriting workshop can experience here at home.

On Saturday Desiree Doiron is leading the Youth Songwriters Workshop at the Watson Art Centre.

Clifton Flett, Organizer at the Watson Art Centre, talks about what she can help those aged 12 to 25 learn about the craft.

“I know Desiree has had experience in working with people and on her own in regards to where do you start, where are you having trouble, what if you get stuck, what inspirations do you look for, that kind of stuff. So anything that we can help them to keep going with that craft.”   

Resignation for the workshop is free and can be done by calling the WAC at 638-6231.

It runs on Saturday from 1 to 4.