Dauphin, Canada

A 15 year old girl in Brandon has been reported missing since Monday.

A stolen truck from Dauphin was found abandoned in a parking lot in Brandon.

The Dauphin Chamber of Commerce is working with different groups to help with fundraising efforts. 

The Summary of insects on crops in Manitoba in 2017 report is now available.

The City of Dauphin is looking to purchase a new Grader.

Rural students living in Selkirk are soon going to be able to track the arrival of their school bus.

Children with special needs on First Nations should not have to wait to see which government is going to pay for their healthcare.

Discussions for the new Daly Overpass in Brandon were held at a public open house last night.

It’s going to cost you more to park and take the bus in Winnipeg.

Art is still available for purchase at the Watson Art Centre after the very successful Adopt a Work of Art event.

Whirlpool Lake and the campground area are closed by Parks Canada.