Dauphin, Canada

Crop residue burning is authorized through Sunday in the northwest and Interlake zones.

Manitoba agriculture is allowing burning to begin at noon and all fires must be completely extinguished by six in the evening.

Any permits issued by local authorities are also required.

The government reminds farmers that smoke from any crop residue fire must not obscure any public roadway or create problems for neighbouring residents.

"The Wonder of the Human Body" is a weeklong speaker series in Dauphin.

Pastor Terry McComb plans to give a presentation every night about a different system of the body.

He shares with us what his goal of the presentations is.

“One of the 11 different systems of the human body in detail, one each night. And we start with the cell, which is 100 trillion cells in the human body. That’s a lot of cells. Most people don’t realize they manage that big of a company, but they do. These 100 trillion cells make up the 12 systems of the human body and it’s my goal to show how they all interrelate how these systems all coordinate together.

The first presentation is called "Wonder of a Cell" and it takes place tomorrow at 7 in the evening at the Curlers' Lounge in the Parkland Recreation Complex.

Those attending will learn how having a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Mccomb gives some examples. “A classic example is diabetes. Insulin does not cure diabetes, it only controls it. But the program I’m going to talk about is some things they can do as a diabetic that can actually reverse diabetes and not have to take Insulin for the rest of their lives. And heart disease, likewise, they may have to put a stint in there, but that stint doesn’t cure heart disease, it only manages it. So it’s my burden is to help people understand there are simple laws of health that either makes your body healthy or unhealthy.”

The schedule of topics are:

Sunday, September 9th @ 7 pm:  Wonder of a Cell

Monday, September 10th @ 7 pm:  Ponder the Brain

Tuesday, September 11th @ 7 pm:  See the Skeletal System

Wednesday, September 12th @ 7 pm:  The Muscular System

Thursday, September 13th @ 7 pm:  The Reproductive System

Friday, September 14th @ 7 pm:  Lungs, Heart & Circulatory System

Saturday, September 15th @ 9:30 am:  Diving into Digestion

Saturday, September 15th @ 11 am:  Wonder of the Senses

Saturday, September 15th @ 7 pm:  The Clocks of Life

Each session wraps up nightly with Blacklight Chalk Painting.

Construction at the Dauphin Regional Health Centre is half complete.

They passed the halfway mark and entered phase three in June.

They are now working on enclosing the ambulance garage area and redeveloping the Personal Care Home. Mechanical and electrical rough-in and interior steel stud work is going on at the main Emergency Department area.

Phase three is expected to complete in March or April.

It’s expected the whole project will be done in late summer next year.

Registering for programs at the Dauphin Rec Centre is a little challenging at the moment.

They are implementing new scheduling and Point of Sale systems and that seems to be causing some difficulty.

Tamara Kolida, the Programs & Promotions Coordinator, gives more details about what’s going on.
“There’s been a little bit of technical difficulties getting it all going. We had hoped that online registration and our new POS system would kind of co-mingle, and it’s not working right now. You’ll notice if you come to the front desk we are still using our POS system until we get the new one going.”

She says your best bet is to try and register online. “Online registrations for programs seem to be working, but kinda spotty. Some people are having trouble but some people are able to register for things like yoga, beginner yoga, Dauphin Junior Curing, Dauphin Junior Bowling. But it you were to come to the front desk we couldn’t accept registration in person because we don’t have the Interac system working.”

Kolida expects things to be fixed and running smoothly by next week and thanks everyone for their patience.

Chili powder from the brand Compliments has been recalled because of a possible Salmonella contamination.

The package is sold in a155-gram package with the product code 2020 MA 26 and UPC 0 55742 35921 3.

At this point, no illnesses have been reported, but people should still not eat it.

Salmonella can cause a fever, vomiting and diarrhea, it's also more of a risk to children, pregnant women and the elderly.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is holding a walk this weekend to raise money for type one diabetes research.

The walk is taking place at Vermillion Park on Saturday at 11 in the morning.

Vicki Zachanowich, prairie regional manager for the JDRF shares where the money raised goes.

“JDRF is a charity, actually the leading organization for funding research for type one diabetes. So the money will then go to the researchers. We basically are a fundraising organization that’s able to get money to the researchers so that we can have some of the best research for type one diabetes.” 

She shares which group this disease impacts the most.

“Type one diabetes is a 24/7 disease. It doesn’t take a break. Somebody who is diagnosed with type one diabetes immediately is on insulin. It is an autoimmune disease, so it’s not lifestyle related which is different than type two diabetes. Type one often affects children. Usually, when people are diagnosed they are children, but adults can be diagnosed as well, and they do become insulin dependent.”

Zachanowich hopes to have 100 people register for the walk. Registration begins at 10:30.

If you want to register for the walk or donate go to the fundraising page by clicking here.

A Dauphin man who is the mayor of Dawson City in the Yukon found a cache of coins.

The coins date back over a hundred years to the Klondike Gold Rush.

The 23 coins add up to a value of $9.50 but could be worth so much more.

The coins were found when crews were digging a trail up a hill and found the cache of coins.

Wayne Potoroka, Mayor of Dawson City, plans to find out who lived in the area of the coins to try and find out who they may belong to.

He also plans to give the coins to the local museum for display.

Burt Reynolds has died.

The actor starred in iconic films like “Smokey and the Bandit" and "The Longest Yard" was 82.

He was rushed to a hospital in Florida this morning after suffering from cardiac arrest.

Reynolds had heart problems for a long time. He had major heart surgery in February 2010.

The farming sector is represented during this year’s STARS Ambulance Rescue on the Island 2018.

Roberta Galbraith from Manitoba Canola Growers is participating in the event taking place today.

“There are five of us that are going to be ‘stranded on the island’ and the whole point of it is to bring awareness to STARS Air Ambulance and the services they provide here in Manitoba.” She continues, “so typically what they do is they approach community members that represent different segments of the population, different industries and have them fundraise. Our goal is 50 thousand dollars.” 

She explains why Stars is important for those in the industry.

“Those of us who live in more remote areas, STARS officers the opportunity to bridge that gap in services. So that if there was an accident for us, they can come right to the field where we are working or right into the farmyard and pick people up and transport them and expedite the time that emergency services would otherwise fill.”

You can help rescue Galbraith by going here. 

To follow how the five participants are going use the hashtag #starsrescue2018 on twitter. 

The bridge on Highway 5 by Ochre River is open.

Manitoba infrastructure announced crews removed the barricades today.

Construction on the bridge had been going on for almost a year.


The devastating tornado from August in the RM of Alonsa has left so much debris behind that it could take years to clean. The tornado left a 77-year-old man dead.

Stan Asham, Reeve of the RM of Alonsa, explains how bad the damage is.

"There are 4 buildings gone that they haven`t even found"

The floor from one of those building was found last week in decent condition.

Asham is also hopeful for the winter months because there is a local who has a drone flying business and he can help by flying the drone when all the leaves won’t be blocking the sight from the drone.

A lot of professional help is needed to fully clean the area of all the debris because there are lots in the lake that they can`t see and they`re finding debris in the bushes that they have trouble getting through.