Dauphin, Canada

The driver of a gravel truck that flipped upside down is not injured.

The accident happened around the noon hour north of Dauphin, past the bridge construction on Highway 20.

RCMP says the driver was looking down as he was shifting gears.

He drifted to the shoulder and one of his tires dropped off the side of the road.

He was pulled into the ditch and that’s when the truck flipped.

He was taken to hospital by a crew member working on the bridge and was gone before emergency and police showed up.

There is some damage to a family farm after a possible tornado touched down in the Interlake on Saturday.

Darcy Timchishen and his family farm around Arborg, which is about a 41-minute drive east of Eriksdale and about an hour and a half drive directly north of Winnipeg.

Timchishen, says there was some minor damage from the storm.

“You could see the definite rotation of everything basically went by the house and across the farm and tipped over an auger, a conveyor, and dented some hopper bins.”

He believes it was a narrow storm because equipment 50 feet away from the damage wasn’t moved.

“The wind picked up and we could see the wind coming and all of a sudden a few trees snapped off right in front of us and the swirling twigs and branches and debris came right by the house on the farm here.”

Timchishen and his family had a full day of cleaning up yesterday and still have some more to do today.

Moon Lake Trail is closed until further notice.

The lake and campground remain open.

Parks Canada has closed the trail because there has been an increase in black bears frequenting the area.

Access to the trail is forbidden and visitors might be charged with up to a $5000 fine under the National Parks Regulations.

Park officials are also warning about more bears around the Grey Owl Trail.

They are asking anyone going down that trail to be cautious when in the area and make lots of noise while there.

If you are in the Grey Owl Trail area and see a bear you are asked to report sightings to Parks Canada Dispatch line at 1 (877) 852-3100.

The City of Winnipeg is hoping to become a destination when it comes to hosting major cricket tournaments in Canada.

The city says two new cricket fields with concrete pitches will be constructed in La Barriere Park.

Manitoba Cricket Association reports the number of players in Winnipeg has doubled in just the last two years.

Having two more fields in the city will increase playing opportunities for teams, assist in athlete development and ensure Winnipeg is a destination for cricket tournaments.

One man was shot and another seriously assaulted in Portage la Prairie yesterday morning.

 Portage la Prairie RCMP responded to gunshots near 17th Street at around 12 a.m. yesterday

When they arrived, officers located an 18-year-old man who had been seriously assaulted, and a 20-year-old man with a gunshot wound.

Both, are in the hopsital in stable condition, and the investigation is ongoing.

Both victims are from Portage la Prairie..

This week is National Drowning Prevention Week.

Kinsmen Aquatic Centre is hosting a free program featuring a class and a swim.

Tamara Kolida, Programs & Promotions Coordinator, shares with us the centre has planned.

“We are doing classes each day from 10 to 10:30. So instructors will go over drowning prevention measures, water safety tips, etc., stuff that you would kind of learn in swimming lessons. And then follow that with a free swim.”

Kolida also talks about why this program was created.

“We realized that a lot of people can’t afford swimming lessons, or to afford to come swimming at our facility. So we thought we would combine a free swim with a little bit of education.”

Up to 50 kids can register for the classes. You can attend all week or just one of the days.

The program is sponsored by the South Parkland Healthy Child Coalition. 

A 32-year-old was found dead at a house party in Dauphin on Saturday morning.

Around 3:00 in the morning the RCMP responded to a report of a stabbing at a residence in the 100 block of 9th Ave SW.

When they arrived officers found the man in the residence.

Reginald Morrisseau, a 29-year-old-male from Fishing Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan, was arrested at the scene and has been charged with Manslaughter.

He has been remanded into custody and is scheduled to appear in Dauphin Provincial Court tomorrow.

The RCMP's Major Crimes Unit and Forensic Identification Unit continue to assist with this investigation.

Everyone in the Parkland should be aware of the possible risk of severe thunderstorms.

A watch is in effect for communities all across the region including, Dauphin, Gilbert Plains, Grandview, Winnipegosis, Russell, Roblin, Ochre River, and Riding Mountain National Park.

Environment Canada warns people to be on the lookout for adverse weather conditions and take necessary safety precautions.

The RM of Dauphin is looking to replace Dauphin’s swinging bridge.

They had initially hoped to save the wooden structure. So they got an engineer to look at it and he said the old material was beyond salvation.

Jack Bremner, a councilor with the RM, hopes to turn the bridge into a tourist site for Dauphin and preserve the history of the area.

“I know a lot of kids partied on the bridge. One guy carved his name into the wood with him and his girlfriend, you know it held a special place for them. So hopefully we can salvage and make something out of it.”

The project qualifies under the provincial Transitional Municipal Road and Bridge Program. They applied and are now waiting on a response from the government.

The RM hopes to have a 50 percent cost share of the $135,896.25 project between the province and through fundraising.

“To take public tax money and fund a small bridge like that, I don’t know if we can do it. But if the public is willing to help, maybe raise part of the funds then the council would look into it and see if we can go ahead with the project.”

If it’s approved Bremner hopes to get the public behind the project and raise enough funds to complete the project.

“We had one meeting and we had some interest in salvaging it. There were some people willing to donate stuff for a fundraiser and hopefully those feelings are still there.”

Brandon Police were busy last night with a standoff that lasted over 5 hours.

Witnesses reported that it started after 7 when two police cars, two 4x4 vehicles, and a tactical unit arrived blocking several streets from 9th and 10th Streets to Stickney and Assiniboine.

The standoff ended around 12:05 in the morning.

The police haven’t issued a statement at this time.  

The heat warning in the Parkland is continuing today but should end this evening.

Daytime temperatures are expected to reach over 32 today with the humidex of 40.

A cold front is going to pass through tonight ending the extreme heat.

Environment Canada advises to watch for the effects of heat illness, such as swelling, cramps, fainting, and worsening of some health conditions.