Dauphin, Canada

A training program to help Indigenous language learners work with an elder speaker is taking place at the Dauphin Friendship Centre.

The Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program is hosted by Prairies to Woodlands Indigenous Language Revitalization Circle and is run by three Manitoba Metis women.

Heather Souter, the Project Coordinator, explains what the group has set up.

“Six teams of a fluent elder, a fluent indigenous speaking elder, and a motivated learner for 300 contact hours of one-on-one emersion style learning. We have funding to pay the elder speakers for their traditional knowledge and what they are sharing with the apprentices.”

They received a grant of around $94,000 from Heritage Canada's Aboriginal Language Initiative to run the Master-Apprentice Program Indigenous Language Learning Pilot Project.

Souter says you really need to be motivated to learn a language and be a part of this program. The program funding doesn’t cover apprentices. At this point, they are searching for alternative sources of funding so it makes it easier on the apprentices to receive the knowledge and pass it on.

The program was originally developed to address the needs of Indigenous Californians because they are no longer learning their heritage language at home as children.

“They will receive training at the workshop to learn how to use the Master-Apprentice Language Learning techniques. So they’ll be trained there on how to learn and in a sense teach a language that doesn’t have a lot of print or recorded or other resources.” Souter continues, “basically the elder is the resource and the learner, or the apprentice, will learn how to be responsible for their own learning how to work with the elder to figure out lesson plans, do recordings of that, and they will have ways of tracking their progress and they will have a coach that will help them throughout the time that they are doing this.”

The initial emphasis is on Michif and other Metis languages but all qualified and committed applicants, Metis or First Nations, will be seriously considered. Michif, Anishinaabemowin, Cree, Dakota and all other Indigenous languages are welcome as MAP can be used for any language. Their aim is to honour kinship and relational ties and have those who are the most dedicated to language revitalization at the community level attend.

The project kicks off with an orientation workshop at the Dauphin Friendship Centre on September 15 &16.

To register or find more information about the Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program call 204-647-0081 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The family of the missing Jeff Freiheit is calling on the Canadian government for help in the search.

They are asking for help with air searches, more advanced search and rescue technology as well as more trained search personnel.

Freiheit, who is from Brandon, went missing on August 2nd in the German Alps. He went missing in what is considered the most treacherous part of a Munich-to-Venice trail known as the Dream Way. It features gullies, deep trenches, and rocky overhangs.

If you want to help support the search efforts you can donate to the 'Help Support the Freiheits' GoFundMe Campaign by clicking here.  

Raising money for an important cause while having a really fun afternoon is what the Children’s Wish Foundation Family Fun Day is all about.

The event took place yesterday in Vermillion Park.

Colette Carefoot, an organizer of the event who was all dressed up in full costume, says the kids loved it and shares how it went.

“It’s been great. We’ve had awesome weather. We’ve had a great turn out.” She continues, “we’ve had the RCMP and their mascot out here.”

Families came out in large numbers to play games, get their faces painted, and even get to look at fire trucks up close.

 “I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on the costume parades. I think over the years, hopefully, we can kinda get a theme going and it catches on.” Carefoot said.

Children’s Wish Foundation helps families who are going through a difficult time. “Absolutely all the proceeds that we get from this event go towards the Children’s Wish Foundation. I think it’s important for a lot of people who are attending. Some of us have been touched by it personally. A lot of us here just want to give as much money as we can because it’s going to be hopefully a service that we won’t have to use. But for those of us who have, it’s incredible.”

Carefoot says Family Fun Day isn’t going away and they expect even more fun next year. and she reminds families not to forget their costumes.

Just before 2:00 this morning Dauphin's Fire Department responded to a house fire on 8th Avenue NE.

When they arrived firefighters found the back of the home fully engulfed in flame.

The neighbours reported that the home was vacant, tenants had moved out earlier in the week.

The fire was quickly brought under control, however as the overhead electrical lines had burned off and were laying in the back yard, access was limited until the arrival of MB Hydro.

It took two hours to completely put the fire out and firefighters stayed at the home until 6.

The fire is determined to be suspicious in nature.  Anyone that may have information regarding this incident is asked to contact the RCMP Dauphin Detachment at 204-622-5020.

German authorities say they have 20 search and rescue personnel and alpine policemen searching for Jeff Freiheit, from Brandon, who went missing in that country earlier this month.

Dogs and drones are being used but the authorities say no evidence of the man, who is originally from Dauphin, could be found.

The authorities say all technical resources have been exhausted after more than three days of reaching for Freiheit.

In an update posted on the GoFundMe page, posted yesterday, his wife Selena says a detailed search of the area Jeff was last seen and where he was supposed to spend the night will be conducted today.

German officials said they had searched 4 possible areas yesterday he could have been including Lenggries, Bad Tölz, and Penzberg.

There has been lots of local media coverage in Germany with articles in newspapers and on television.

Selena says they are expecting to hire additional helicopters and search equipment to assist the Mountain Police and Volunteers in their search efforts.

Tomorrow kids are encouraged to wear their favourite costume and come have fun during this year’s Children’s Wish Foundation Family Fun Day.

From noon until 4 everyone is encouraged to bring their families to Vermillion Park and have an entertaining afternoon.

Colette Carefoot, an organizer of the event, shares what’s going on, on Sunday.

“We’re encouraging everyone to come dressed up in their favourite costume if they choose. We’re going to have little costume parades on the hour. There’s going to be games for the kids and prizes, face painting.”

All proceeds from the event are going to a special cause. “Any proceeds made goes directly to the Children’s Wish Foundation. The tickets that the kids will buy to play the games are like two dollars for probably a pack of 10 tickets or so. Also will be the rainbow auction and all proceeds of that will go to the Children’s Wish Foundation.”

Dauphin's emergency services are also taking part in the afternoon. “The fire hall will also be across the street. The Fire Department will be offering tours and showing their trucks as well. RCMP are also going to be present. They are going to be helping and providing and cooking the hot dogs and drinks and snacks. So that is going to be there as well.”

Carefoot encourages all families to come out to a great and non-expensive day of family fun hosted by Re/Max of Dauphin.

The fire danger rating in Riding Mountain National Park is set to “Very High”.

Even so, no burn ban is being implemented for the weekend.

Park officials ask that all campfires remain small and in designated pits and that people completely extinguish campfires with water when they are done.

You can report any suspected wildfires to Parks Canada Dispatch at 1-877-852-3100.

The Rotary Club of Dauphin sold all of the lobster donated by Summerside PEI’s mayor.

Summerside mayor Bill Martin gave Dauphin’s mayor Allen Dowhan  the lobster as part of their Stanley Cup wager.

100 lbs of cooked lobster were shipped to Dauphin and they were sold here for 20 dollars each.

2000 dollars was donated to the Barry Trotz matching fund.

A burn ban is in effect for the RM of Lakeshore today.

Lakeshore includes the communities of Ochre River and Rorketon.

Fires of any kind including, burning grass, leaves, crop residue, bushes, open pit fires, and burning barrels are not allowed.

Lighting fireworks are also not allowed.

All fire permits are suspended in the Rural Municipality of Lakeshore and no new permits are going to be issued until further notice.

Dauphin Co-op is celebrating the retirement of a long time employee.

After 37 years working at the grocery store, Tom Crozier decided to officially retire.

Joan Chetyrbok, the Marketing Manager at the Dauphin Consumers Co-op, says everyone is going to miss Tom.

“Tom Crozier is an amazing individual. He’s so well loved by all of his co-workers and customers coming in. Everybody knew Tom. He always took the time to visit with everybody or give you updates. He was a huge Dauphin Kings fan.” She continues, “He’s really going to be missed. We’re happy for him that he’s retiring and he’s put his time in, but we’re sure going to miss him.”

Tom started out filling the milk coolers while they were still at the old store. Chetyrbok says Tom took pride in keeping the milk full, rotated and faced throughout the day.

When they built the new building he was moved to being in charge of taking care of shopping carts.

Chetyrbok also says they can’t count the number of lost purses and packages that Tom retrieved and returned to customers.

The Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble from Dauphin is selling sweet corn today as a fundraiser for their trip to Ukraine.

The group is going next year to 3 regions of the country.

Jocelyn Clement, one of the volunteers selling the corn this morning, explains where they got the corn they are selling today.

“The corn came from the Hadway’s, and their son and daughter are in our dance group. They took a piece of their land aside and they grew corn for us.”

They are set up by Victory Lane and CKDM and will keep selling until they run out of corn!