Dauphin, Canada

Contamination in recycling occurs when items that can’t be processed are put into the blue bins.

Not every item that has the recycling logo can be recycled in the Parkland.

City of Dauphin’s Director of Public Works, Bill Brenner, received a report stating the level of contamination the city has in its recycling.

“Our most recent Waste Composition Study done by MMSM (Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba) showed we had about 8.5 per cent contamination in our recycling stream, which I believe is quite good.”

Ottenbreit Sanitation Services has a camera on their truck that can see what is being dumped from each bin at each household to prevent a massive amount of contamination.

Brenner noted the city sees a lot of plastic bags and Styrofoam being put into the bins and those items aren’t recyclable.

To see a list of items that aren’t accepted, you can go to the City of Dauphin’s or Multi-Materials Stewardship Manitoba’s websites.

The funding of new bike trails is what a grant of $25,100 will help build in Dauphin.

At the Dauphin & District Community Foundation’s Spring Luncheon this past Monday, the 2020 Manitoba Summer Games committee was presented with the grant.

According to Co-Chair of the games committee Carla Wolfenden, this grant will help build an extensive amount of bike trail.

 “We have a really impressive master plan built. We have a 5-6k games loop that will be hopefully ready by the fall. Future plans are to have 20 kilometers worth of trails almost up to the water treatment road.”

The 2020 Manitoba Summer Games committee hopes to build the trails as soon as possible to allow those in Dauphin and surrounding areas the opportunity to use the infrastructure before the games.

The coroner has released that it will take days to properly confirm the identities of those killed in Toronto yesterday.

Ontario's chief coroner said that they've not identified anyone who died yet.

Anne Marie D'Amico, was identified by a Toronto City Councillor who knew her.

Alex Minassian was in court this morning and faces 10 first degree murder charges and 13 attempted murder charges.

The next edition of the Dauphin Chamber of Commerce Breakfast series is tomorrow.

The focus will be on understanding financial statements by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada.

Chamber Executive Director, Stephen Chychota, explains what you’ll gain by coming out.

“Understanding your financial statements in a business or you can apply it to an organization or a group if you’re sitting on a board. When you understand how to read your financial statements and know what’s going on from your balance sheets to your income statement to cash flow, you can make some really strategic plans and forecast for how your organization is doing. And you can just be an overall stronger sole proprietor or a team, whatever the case may be for you. When you do understand and can read your financial statements you’re just better off that way, and you can predict, forecast, and make more strategic plans.”

It starts at 7:00 in the morning, the event is free, and to sign up contact the Chamber at 622-3140 or RSVP on their Facebook page.

In the death of Sagkeeng First Nation teen Serena McKay, the Crown is seeking an adult sentence for one of the teens accused.

The accused, who was 16 at the time, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and would get life in prison as an adult as opposed to a 3 year sentence as a youth.

The Crown didn’t seek an adult sentence for the second teen, who was 17 at the time, who pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder and will receive up to a max of 7 years in prison.

The video showing the killing of Serena Mckay was circulated all over social media and it was reported she sustained 67 injuries during the beating.

With snow finally melting away people are finding an unwelcome surprise on the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

 Zebra mussels have been found scattered on the beach of Victoria Beach located on the southeastern shores of the lake.

Zebra mussels have can make a beach smell like rotting fish and can cut bare feet because they are very sharp.

While residents are now worried they will keep them from enjoying the lake, the province is saying mussels found this time of year are from last year and are just becoming visible because of the melting snow.

Dauphin Habitat for Humanity received a substantial donation at last weekend’s Kinsmen Business Expo.

Habitat President Rodney Juba tells 730 CKDM about the donation.

“First of all I want to thank the Kinsmen for putting on another successful Kinsmen Expo Trade Show. The Kinsmen Club offered to Habitat for Humanity a space on the floor of the trade show, and unexpecting to us as a committee, they came by with a thousand dollar donation check.”

For more information about Habitat in Dauphin go to www.habitat.mb.ca

Alek Minassian has been charged with 10 counts of first degree murder.

He is also facing another 13 counts of attempted murder for hitting pedestrians in Toronto with a van yesterday.

Minassian appeared in court this morning.

At this time there is still no evidence to suggest it was a terrorism related attack.

One of the ten people killed in yesterday’s van attack in Toronto has been identified.

Anne Maria D’Amico was an employee of a US based investment management firm, Invesco.

Invesco’s Canadian headquarters are close to the one kilometre stretch on Yonge Street.

A lengthy stretch of the busy Toronto street will be closed for the next several days as police continue their investigation.

The driver of the van, 25 year old Alek Minassian, will appear in court this morning.

Bullying and harassment not only happens on the playground, but in politics as well.

The province is cracking down and wanting to tackle the issue for municipal councils.

A series of seven consultations are taking place around the province, to establish a municipal code of conduct that has some tougher penalties for violators.

The issue came to light when the mayor and two councillors from the R.M. of Richot (REE-SHOW) resigned their positions due to inappropriate behaviours on council.

Brandon School Division has to borrow funds to complete the new school for the city.

The division plans to borrow $25 million dollars through the Public Schools Finance Board.

Last night, a reading of a bylaw was done at the trustee meeting to get the financing.

The council is assuring rate payers that taxes will not go up to pay for the new school.