Dauphin, Canada

A man from Gladstone is charged with 2nd-degree murder in relation to the death of an Albertan woman.

Grant Arthur Sneesby, who is 68, was arrested in Edmonton and charged in relation to the murder of Gloria Gladue.

Gloria was reported missing from Wabasca, Alberta on November 17th, 2015.

Grant Sneesby has been charged with 2nd degree murder and offering an indignity to her remains.

He’s scheduled to appear in Desmarais Provincial Court on July 12th.

5 fatalities and multiple people were shot in a newsroom at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland this afternoon.

A reporter at the paper says that the gunman shot through a glass door and then fired at multiple employees.

Police apprehended Jarrod Ramos, who is in his late 30's, and at this point his motive was unclear.

We’ll have more updates as they become available.

The Dauphin Public Works Department is continuing their tests of lead service lines.

The city is sampling homes that were built between 1950 and 1990 and hope to be finished within the next month.

Bill Brenner the Director of Public Works and Operations sent out letters to the majority of property owners with lead service lines and says he has a few more tests to complete.

The bulk of testing took place in May and June.

Major road improvements on two Dauphin streets will start this summer.

Bill Brenner, City of Dauphin’s Public Works Director, explains what residents who live on Johnson Street or Jackson Street should expect.

“The roads that we are looking at revamping that we’ve applied for grant funding for would be Johnson Street; the reconstruction of Johnson Street, which we replaced the sewer and water last year. Jackson Street would be milling and overlaying the existing pavement, so removing some of the pavement and putting some new pavement back.

Construction is set to begin by the end of August.

Pedestrian improvements are being made to the intersection around the old Manitoba Hydro building and the Liquor Mart.

The City of Dauphin plans to build a new sidewalk and a crosswalk this week. 

Bill Brenner, City of Dauphin’s Public Works Director, talks about the plans for the sidewalk.

“Right in front of the Manitoba Hydro Building there will be modifications made to the existing curb and gutters; there it’ll be expanded a little bit. Starting from that point and going towards the railroad tracks a brand new sidewalk will be installed that will take you to the right away or where the railroad property starts.”

Brenner also explains what the city plans to do with a new crosswalk.

“In front of Manitoba Hydro, there will be a crosswalk installed that will take you from in front of the building across to the northeast corner of that intersection, so by the Liquor Mart.”

 The sidewalk that goes across the train tracks will remain this year. Special permission and engineering needs to be complete before CN lets the city build a new sidewalk across. 

It's expected to get done next year.

Dauphin RCMP responded to a trailer tipping over yesterday.

Constable Rob Tuff gives us some details about the incident that took place in Riding Mountain National Park.

“Approximately 5 kilometers south of the North Gate a northbound Dodge pickup truck pulling a trailer had a malfunction with a wheel, I believe, on the trailer. The driver lost control and the trailer ended up on its side. The driver a 33 year Brandon man was not injured.”

The accident took place around 4 in the afternoon.

The driver was heading to Countryfest.

RCMP disrupted a drug trafficking ring this past Monday.

Last November they began monitoring a network distributing cocaine and methamphetamines in Sagkeeng First Nation, Lac Du Bonnet, Fort Alexander and Winnipeg.

Four people have arrested and charged

Jason Letander, aged 35 from Fort Alexander, who is in custody and faces charges of Conspiracy to commit trafficking cocaine, Conspiracy to commit trafficking methamphetamine, Obstructing Justice and ten counts of Uttering threats.

Jacqueline Courchene, aged 42 also from Fort Alexander, faces charges Conspiracy to commit trafficking cocaine and Conspiracy to commit trafficking methamphetamine.

Kristen Dube, aged 35, from Powerview faces a charge of Conspiracy to commit trafficking methamphetamine.

Amanda McKay, aged 37, from Winnipeg faces charges of Conspiracy to commit trafficking cocaine and Conspiracy to commit trafficking methamphetamines.

The investigation is continuing.

Today is National HIV Testing Day.

Prairie Mountain Health Region has the lowest percentage of HIV in the province at 1 per cent.

For 2016, in Manitoba only, there were 103 patients that entered into HIV care and there was an increased rate of 68 per cent testing positive for it.

The main forms of exposure were still through sex intercourse at over 81 per cent then injection drug use coming in second.

It’s recommended that people should be tested every five years.

A new service road in the south side of Dauphin is expected to be built this summer.

The city is working with Manitoba Infrastructure to build the road on the west side of Main Street South.

Sharla Griffiths, the Deputy City Manager, explains where it’s intended to go.

“Kind of in front of the new Reit-Syd dealership and it would go north from Road 144 up to about the Dauphin Vet Clinic.  That would allow for some access to the land west of Main Street South.”

Griffiths says this road is expected to help further develop the south side of Dauphin allowing for more business opportunities.

Yesterday’s storm watch for the Parkland area was uneventful except for in Gilbert Plains.

At the Gilbert Plains Golf Course, high winds ripped down several trees causing some inconvenient damage.

Some reported the wind being so strong it took shingles off homes.

There currently is no storm warnings in effect.

The traffic line up has begun to get into the gates of Countryfest.

Many are excited to hear acts such as Eric Church, Paul Brandt and Florida Georgia Line.

Rob Waloschuk, Countryfest General Manager, thinks they could sell out again.

“It’s really good. We’re ramping up for another great year.  Last year we sold out at the gate and the way things are going right now it could very well be the same thing; so we’re really looking forward to it.  Ticket sales have been brisk the last week as everybody decides what they’re doing and yeah we’re looking forward to a sell out again.”

You can still get tickets online at countryfest.ca or take a chance buying them at the gate, however at this rate they may be sold out by then.

There will be a special tribute to the late Eric Irwin on Sunday to honour his memory and the efforts he put into making the festival a success.