Dauphin, Canada

Mountain View School Division has a new website.

Superintendent Donna Davidson shares what’s different with the new design.

“It’s a little bit more user-friendly than our previous website. It has some notable key features on the front page that parents and members of our community access more frequently than other areas. So we highlighted those in a bar. Our calendar, our registration, our transportation, our facility use because many community members use our facilities, and of course employment opportunities within Mountain View School Division.”

Each school has their own website that focuses on what's going on at their own place.

Their new news and announcements section is now more relevant to each parent.

“Each school page is linked to the division page so members of our community can scroll down and visit any of our schools that are of interest to them or a school that their children may attend or be attending. We have a great upcoming events section that lets parents and community know what’s happening in the division.”

Davidson says they are expecting to release a connect feature so parents can subscribe for bus information and find out if buses are cancelled or if a route is running late.

Whitmore School is hoping to win a contest and get a new playground.

The school is taking part in the Aviva Community Fund and hopes to be one of 50 projects chosen to receive 10 thousand dollars.

Whitmore School has been putting a lot of effort into fundraising for their new playground.

A new playground is expected to cost 100 to 150 thousand dollars. Fundraising is done by the school’s Parent Partnership Council members as there is no divisional or provincial funding set aside for the project.

The playground designs they are looking at are more inclusive of people with special needs. They include Fibar Surface for the ground, which allows wheelchair access to the structure. They also chose some low rise equipment for people in wheelchairs to access with ease. All other play structures in Dauphin use pea gravel as surface, which is not accessible to wheelchairs. 

Their current playground isn’t up to code and will be torn down.

Voting begins today and goes till next Thursday, October 4.

You can vote ten times per email.

 You can read more about Whitmore School and their new playground project by going here

Brad Collett sees good things in the future of the City of Dauphin.

He attended his last city council meeting as Dauphin’s outgoing city manager last night. 

He has been with the city for 17 years and has seen some significant changes over that time. 

Collett shared his thoughts, after the meeting, of how the city is moving ahead. 

"I think Dauphin is positioned very well. We've got about eight and a half million in reserves, we've got less than a million dollars in debt. It's set up very well going forward. Good staff, good management team Sharla Griffiths will do an excellent job as the new city manager."

During his time as city manager, many changes have come to Dauphin including the completed the Parkland Rec complex, overhauled the garbage and recycling system as well as revamped how the finances work in the city.

Collett wants to thank the citizens of Dauphin and all the city councillors for their support over the years. 


Environment Canada has issued a Frost Advisory for the Parkland.

Skies are expected to clear tonight allowing temperatures to drop below freezing.

Widespread frost is likely in many areas by the morning.

Frost may damage some crops in frost-prone areas.

A 53-year-old male that was found lying on a road in Berens River has passed away.

He was located by community members during the early morning hours on September 16. He appeared to have been assaulted and was transported to the local nursing station with life-threatening injuries. 

After being transported to a Winnipeg hospital in critical condition, the man succumbed to his injuries and died on September 22.

The death is being investigated as a homicide by the RCMP Major Crimes Unit.

It’s rail safety awareness week.

Manitobans are reminded to be cautious and follow the rules around railways.

Last year there were 15 rail-crossing accidents in Manitoba that resulted in two fatalities and three serious injuries, plus one fatality and two serious injuries caused by trespassing on railways.

Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler says most rail accidents are preventable.  

Each year, 2,100 North Americans are killed or seriously injured when they engage in unsafe behaviour around tracks and trains. 

Basic rail safety includes being prepared to stop a vehicle at every rail crossing, never stopping a vehicle on the tracks and never trespassing on railways, which are private property.

The Rotary Club of Dauphin is celebrating Rotary Radio Week!

Rotary plays an important part in supporting local events and projects.

Rotary member Kathy Bellemare stopped by the Al Morning Show earlier today and shared why the club is vital to the community.

“We’re always fundraising because there are always projects in the community that we want to support. Currently, Habitat is doing their build, so Rotary has made a donation to that. Whitmore School is doing a new playground so some of the Rotary activities some of the money is going towards that. So, it’s sort of what’s going on in the community that we can throw our support behind. People are very generous with their time and money and that’s how we make things happen in Dauphin.”

The Rotary Club of Dauphin supports the community through fundraising initiatives and funds projects such as the new bike trails south of town and Walking Wednesdays at Credit Union Place.

Listen to 730CKDM all week long to hear more about what the Rotary Club does for your community!

Legend Seeds Canada is one of the largest corn and soybean seeds company in North America.              

Legend Seeds Canada has announced the addition of a new dealer in the Parkland, Intermountain Ag Supply in Asheville, Manitoba. Intermountain Ag Supply has been involved in the local agriculture community as a full-service dealer for a number of years.

According to owner Jeremy Knutson, “I’ve been looking for a soybean and corn supplier that is able to provide strong agronomic support to the growers in the area.”

Jeff Bereza, Director of Sales and Marketing for Legend Seeds Canada, says, “We are excited to showcase soybeans and corn that will fit specifically into the geography in the Parkland.”

Legend Seeds will give a better opportunity for growers to plant corn and soybean seeds that are better suited for the area. Legend Seeds will also be doing producer meetings in the near future.

Ten people are running for City Council in Dauphin. The election for city council and school board trustees will take place on October 24th at the Dauphin Friendship Centre Auditorium. When voting for city council you can vote for six or fewer people. Voting for seven or more people causes the ballot to be declined. The order on the City Council Ballot will be:

  1. Christian Laughland
  2. Patti Eilers
  3. Kathy Bellemare
  4. Laverne Lewycky
  5. Martin Kaminski
  6. Bruce Kozak
  7. Rodney Juba
  8. Devin Shtykalo
  9. Kerri Riehl
  10. Joe Houston

If you can’t make it to the election on October 24th, the advanced poll will be on October 18th at the City Hall Council Chambers.

She's from Dauphin and she's about to get hooked up with a brand new furnace.

Norma Parks is the winner of the Feel the Love contest that was put on by Steiner Plumbing & Heating.

"We had six people nominated from in and around Dauphin," said Carla Wolfenden, Owner at Steiner Plumbing & Heating. "All were deserving but we had to narrow it down to a couple finalists and of the two people's homes we visited, she was definitely in need of a new furnace"

"She told us it gets pretty cool in her home during the winter because her current system isn't great," she added. "She's just a caring, sweetheart of a lady. We're thrilled for her."

With the new furnace, Norma won't have to worry about getting chilly in her own home during the winter months.

"It's extremely exciting to win this," said Parks. "I was definitely surprised that I won. I was just delighted to be a recipient of this wonderful gift. I'm so happy."

"I'm very humbled that someone cared enough and thought about me to nominate me," she added. "Even if I didn't win, it was just a good feeling to get nominated in the first place."

This was the first year that Steiner Plumbing & Heating ran this contest. And, they plan on making it happen again.

"It was really successful," said Wolfenden. "Being our first year we weren't really sure what to expect. We know Dauphin is a very supportive community, but six nominations were definitely beyond our expectations."

"We're definitely going to consider running this contest again next year," she added. "This was great because it's really going to make a difference for the winner and in this case Norma."

Norma also wanted to say thank you to Steiner Plumbing & Heating.

"It's such a kind and generous thing for them to offer to the community," said Parks. "No matter who won, it's a huge gift. I just want to say thank you to them for donating their time to installing it and just giving the community a chance to win it."

Norma's new furnace will be installed on October 6.

A man from Pine River made a couple of generous donations in Dauphin earlier this week.

Anthony Semeniuk donated twenty-thousand dollars to the Dauphin Hospital Foundation. He also donated ten-thousand dollars to the Dauphin Multi-Purpose Senior Center.

Semeniuk says he's very happy to support organizations that support many healthcare projects and initiatives within the parkland.

Pictured from left to right is Anthony Semeniuk, Foundation Chairman Doug Deans, and Dauphin Regional Health Center Director Curt Gullett.