Dauphin, Canada

A health care open house meeting was held in Grandview, hosted by Liberal MLA, Dr. Jon Gerrard this morning.

Residents provided feedback on three questions presented and were able to voice their concerns over local health care issues.

Gerrard notes what he heard the most from people in the audience:

“Clearly at the same time, I heard that there are things we can improve.  It’s been very expensive bringing in nurses for locums and that we should do a better job of making sure we have people trained locally that could be nursing here in Grandview and in other parts of this RHA, so we don’t have those extra costs from having to bring locums in from some distance away.  We should be doing much more in terms of training local people in nursing and other areas where we need them.”

Local MLA, Brad Michaleski, was in the audience and noted his take on the meeting:

“Pretty much the same thing was repeated, here at the meeting, that I’ve been hearing for a number of months already.  The members of the community, they’re concerned for their hospital, they’re concerned for their ambulance, and they know and we know they all do a great job.  They just want to be heard and I know I am trying to take that message into my colleagues in Winnipeg.  It was a great public venue that was put on here, and I was able to hear the good and the bad, and I will be able to take that back to Winnipeg as well.”

Gerrard went on to tour the Grandview Hospital and ambulance station.