Dauphin, Canada

A new 50 million dollar greenhouse, being built here in Dauphin, is preparing to begin phase one of the construction.

City council recently approved Vermillion Growers to build their new state-of-the-art 30-acre facility.

The first phase of the facility will focus on tomatoes-on-vine, and expect to be growing them by spring of next year.

Lucky Deschauer, of Vermillion Farm Holdings, says there are some benefits for every resident in Dauphin.

“Our objective is to get the tomato from the vine to the customer’s plate as soon as possible, and with the freshest and highest quality available at market.  So if, for example, you live in Dauphin, and we harvest in the morning, it would be available to our local grocery stores later on in the afternoon.”

The new Vermillion Growers Greenhouse is to be built in the north end of the city at 2175 Mountain Road, south of Provincial Road 147 North, extending to the city limits.