Dauphin, Canada

An open house is planned for Workplace Essential Skills Training Centre’s new location in Dauphin.

It’s located at 138 1st Avenue S.W. Unit B and, along with the new location, they’re launching a new session for clients, as well.

Parkland Region Coordinator, Charlene Gulak, explains what the new session is:

“Something that’s brand new for Dauphin, as well as the Parkland Region, is a five-day workshop, which is called Communication In the Workplace.  The premise is that skills training in the workplace relating to communication in the workplace, is promoted so specifically, focusing on the workplace expectations around communication; soft skills pieces; how to speak effectively, or listen effectively; being an active participant in a respectful workplace; working together with others; promoting positive interpersonal skills.”

The open house is on Thursday, from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon; and, to register for any of the WEST office’s sessions, call 648-6755.