Dauphin, Canada
CNUF 2016 may be over but that doesn't mean groups aren't already preparing for next year's festivities. 
Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble was one of the many performances during the annual festival, totaling a community of 100 plus dancers.
President of Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Karen Yuriy says it was an honor to perform on the Grand Stage introducing many new dancers. She said, "There's always excitement when they perform, and as much as they like to travel and dance in new places there's nothing that beats - of course - the home town crowd."
Yuriy further added, "Having your family and friends cheer for you and having all these people coming into the community really showing their appreciation, really brings a lot of satisfaction to the kids for all their hard work."
Dauphin's Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has been promoting traditional and authentic Ukrainian culture for the past four decades.