Dauphin, Canada
Grandview Crowns "Head Cheese"
Dave Kozakowski was named the "Head Cheese" in Grandview last night.
The headcheese contest featured 13 entries, and had 126 items donated for the live auction.
Kozakowski won't share the secret of why his headcheese is the best, but says making it is something he loves doing.
"I make them all the time, like two or three times a year, and this turned out to be the best one I guess."
Second place went to Yvonne Smith, and said it was her first time making headcheese in years.
Suspicious Package Sent to Manitoba Hydro
Manitoba Hydro says a suspicious package at its building has been investigated by Winnipeg police and deemed safe.

A medium-size cardboard box was delivered to the building in Winnipeg yesterday, forcing a brief evacuation.

Constable Robert Carver says police were concerned about the person who sent the package, but wouldn't reveal any more details.

He says the police bomb unit and tactical unit treated the package seriously, even though there was no evidence of an explosive device
Agriculture Ministers Prep for Big Meeting
Canada's Agriculture Ministers are busy getting prepared for a big conference this summer.
Incumbent Ron Kostyshyn, says some of the topics that were brought up during a conference call this week, were talks about the ag stability program, coordinating movement of grain between provinces, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and the demise of country of origin labeling.
Kostyshyn says being able to be part of the discussion was really important.
"Real pleasure to be involved in the conversation and have the opportunity to express our opinion as the ag minister of our province that we continue to work towards to the benefit of all producers in the province of Manitoba."
Kostyshyn says this conference call was basically to set up the agenda for things that need to be discussed in Calgary in July when the federal and provincial ag ministers all meet.
NDP to Boost Film Industry
New Democrat Leader Greg Selinger is promising to boost the film industry by spending five million dollars on upgrades to the Manitoba Production Centre.

Selinger also says he would boost fuel tax rebates to encourage direct flights to New York and Los Angeles, and study the feasibility of building another sound stage in the province.

Selinger says investing in film production is good business and will create good opportunities in the province.

During a speech in Dauphin yesterday, Selinger also announced funding for infrastructure in and around Dauphin.
Collapsing Overpass Kills Dozens in India
Police in Kolkata, India are investigating possible murder charges after at least 26 people were killed Thursday when an unfinished overpass collapsed.

Police are questioning 10 employees of a construction company that was contracted in 2007 to build the overpass -- a job that was expected to take two years.

If charged with murder and culpable homicide, they could face life in prison or death.

Although 69 people have been pulled alive from the rubble, searchers say they doubt any more survivors will be found.