Dauphin, Canada

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is voicing its displeasure with yesterday's federal budget.

The budget prioritizes things like infrastructure, a new Canada Child Benefit tax cut, and spending for issues that affect many First Nations.

CFIB Provincial Affairs Director Elliot Sims says that doesn't line up with what Manitoban business owners want.

“From our members’ perspective in Manitoba, the total tax burden and the levels of government debt and deficit are the top two issues. On both of these issues, the federal budget is moving us backwards, not forwards.”

The Liberals had vowed to lower the small business tax in yesterday's budget to 9 percent by 2019, but instead, it will stay where it is at 10.5 percent.

Sims believes, given the current state of the Canadian economy, small businesses need a break right now.

“This is possibly the worst time for the federal government to be reneging on tax changes like this. When you’ve got slow growth economies like they’re predicting this year, businesses need to have as much resources available to invest and create jobs.”

The federal government is projecting a deficit of 29.4 billion dollars this year, and Sims believes today's deficit could mean tomorrow's tax hike.