Dauphin, Canada

A two day event that was in support of mental health brought in about 200 people and emotion to some.

Voices of Angels was put on by the Mood Disorder Association of Manitoba for anyone who may be dealing with mental health to know that they are not alone. 

The two day event consisted of local youth bands and entertainers, as well as guest speakers from the Parkland area who told their story of recovery.

Dauphin resident, Jennifer Knutson, was one out of the two who spoke at the event. She talked about her story on how she has come a long way in dealing with her optimal mental health after she was injured in a water skiing accident where she first tore her hamstring but then later slipped, and tore the muscle completely off of the pelvis bone. 

"It's easy to see how one can struggle with depression, anxiety or fear of re-injury, things like that. And when you are injured it's hard to be patient with yourself and to allow yourself to heal. You always want to do things that you were able to do. And if your mental health isn't great or at it's best, it's hard to find positivity in some things. Sometimes that can hinder your healing. But, it's coming along and the more progress I make, the more positive I feel about things."

Knutson says she is still recovering from the injury, but her speech at Voices of Angels brought up a lot of emotions. 

"Sometimes it's hard to look back at everything from the beginning and all that has happened. But, it's a good reminder of how far I've come and the progress that I have made."

The event brought in about 200 people through out the two days that it was on for.