Dauphin, Canada
Next on the health care list for Manitoba's Progressive Conservatives is doctor recruitment and retention.
Brian Pallister announced today that should the PCs win the April 19th election, they will establish an improved doctor recruitment and retention program, promote hometown doctors through education, review incentives offered, and more.
Pallister says Manitobans deserve quality health care.
"The shortage of physicians is creating a problem, it's increasing wait times when you can get a doctor, it's reducing access when you need a doctor, and it's closing emergency rooms so you can't get to a doctor."
The PCs have already announced they want to want ambulance fees in half and strike a task force to determine how best to reduce emergency room wait times.
The NDPs issued a statement yesterday saying Pallister's task force would amount to a privatization panel, and saying their government has made steady progress towards taking pressure off ERs and reducing wait times.