Dauphin, Canada
Dauphin MRI Suite Tender Awarded
A new MRI suite in Dauphin's hospital has taken another step forward.
Prairie Mountain Health and Diagnostic Services Manitoba have awarded the construction tender for the suite.
PMH vice president of corporate services Brian Schoonbaert says residents will see construction site activity soon.
The construction of the $3.7-million MRI suite is expected to start in May. Construction should take about 12 months.
City Meeting with Candidates
The City of Dauphin is looking to meet with all local provincial candidates to outline what they're looking for out of an MLA.
Mayor Eric Irwin says it's their job as municipal politicians to make sure their community gets its fair share.
"We know what this provincial government has done and what it is promising to do and what's in the works at the present time, so we want to ensure that the new MLA is going to be on side with what the last MLA promised."
NDP candidate Darcy Scheller was at yesterday's council meeting. Irwin says other candidates will be at upcoming council meetings, with the PC's Brad Michaleski set for April 4.
Several Killed, Injured in Brussels Explosions
Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel says "we were hit by blind attacks,'' adding there are "many dead, many injured.''

The capital Brussels is in lockdown after explosions today rocked the international airport and the subway system.

The country's federal prosecutor is calling all three explosions "terrorist attacks,'' with a suicide bomber to blame for at least one.

Belgium has raised its terror alert to its highest level, diverting arriving planes and trains and ordering people to stay put.

Airports across Europe have tightened security.
Federal Budget Unveiling Today
Prime Minister Trudeau's government will table its inaugural budget later today -- a deficit budget designed to light a fire under the economy while helping indigenous communities, the middle class and the environment.

There will be spending on infrastructure, starting with "unsexy'' repair projects on municipal water and sewer systems.

Existing family benefits will be retooled to help middle and lower-income families and there will be changes to Employment Insurance.

There will also be measures to promote clean technology research, development and market expansion.