Dauphin, Canada
It was a concern in 2009, and it's still a concern today.
 Researchers are concerned that parents are ignoring a 2009 Health Canada warning about the dangers of giving young children over-the-counter medicine after cough and cold medication was taken off the shelves for kids aged two to six.
Overusing these medications can be dangerous and could lead to a coma or seizures if the young child is given too much.
Pharmacist at the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, Barrett Procyshyn says he thinks why this is getting brought up again is because if you have a four year old and it's sick, there is no medication that would be suitable for that age.
"Parents are buying the age six and up products and trying to give them to younger kids. The issue with that is the dosing guide-lines on those products are only for kids age six and up."
Procyshyn recommends not purchasing over-the-counter cough and cold medications for kids under the age of six, and to use alternatives.
"There is some things that you can use such as humidifiers in the room, Vicks products and salines sprays actually work well if not better than some of these cough and cold preparations."
Back in 2009 you were able to purchase over-the counter cough and cold medication for ages two and up, but they were taken off the shelves due to patients giving their kids too much of the medication and now all that's available at a pharmacy is medication for kids six and up. 
Procyshyn also says that if your kid has a fever there is still Tylenol and Advil for ages six and under.