Dauphin, Canada
More Than $20,000 Raised Through DFD Rooftop Campout
There shouldn't be any firefighters on top of the Dauphin Marketplace Mall today.
The Dauphin fire department's rooftop campout in support of Muscular Dystrophy ended yesterday, crushing it's goal.
The initial goal of $7,500 was beat before the four-day campout even started. But even the secondary goal of $15,000 had to give way to a third goal of $20,000, which they again beat.
Robbie Tomkins will be on the Al Gaines morning show later today to talk about the fundraiser.
Ice Jam Causes Overland Flooding in Selkirk Area
An ice jam on the Red River in Manitoba has been causing problems in the Selkirk area.

The jam north of Selkirk caused overland flooding upstream over the weekend and prompted provincial officials to close a highway leading to the Selkirk Bridge.

Earlier this year, Amphibex ice breaking machines were working on the river in the area.

The province's Hydrologic Forecast Centre says there has been an early and rapid spring melt.
Manitoba Election
Manitoba's NDP is firing back at campaign election promises made over the weekend by the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives.

The Conservatives promised an economic development plan on Saturday to promote sustainable development of forestry and mining in Manitoba's north, as well as tourism in the region.

A statement on the NDP website says Conservative Leader Brian Pallister has no real plan for the north and the party's promised cuts will hurt the region.

Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari, meanwhile, promised on Sunday to double funding for the Winnipeg Drug Treatment Court, saying the investment will save money because the addicts will be less likely to reoffend.

The NDP says it agrees with supporting programs for addicts, noting that it created the drug treatment court together with the federal government.

It adds the Liberals' plan to privatize liquor sales will take millions of dollars every year away from organizations that help addicts.
Obama in Cuba
U-S President Barack Obama is the first American president to visit Cuba in nearly 90 years -- and today he will go to the Palace of the Revolution today for a historic meeting with President Raul Castro.

Yesterday, as Air Force One was arriving in Cuba, anti-government protesters pushing for improved human rights were being arrested in Havana in a scene that's been playing out weekly.

Before leaving Cuba tomorrow, Obama plans to meet with political dissidents.