Dauphin, Canada
All the winners of the North Parkland 4-H area speeches. Photo credit: Gale Brunen

A brother and sister from Dauphin are among those heading to 4-H provincials.

Alex and Oxana Iwanchysko, 14 and 13 years old, gave a speech about higher education at last weekend's 4-H. The judges believe their speech was good enough to get them a top spot in the intermediate two person visual presentations category.

Oxana says they chose higher education as their topic because it is something they both feel passionately about.

“When we were choosing our topic…it kind of stuck out to us. It’s something we were both interested in, something we both want in our lives.”

Now that they have won their local speeches, the two now get to head to provincials in Brandon. They have been to provincials before, so they say they are not as nervous as they have been before.

“For me, it’s starting to feel normal,” Oxana says. “This is our third straight year going to provincials, so it’s not much of a difference for me anymore.”

“I mean, I’ve been there a few times, but I still get excited and little nervous going there” Alex ads.

The two Iwanchyskos aren't the only ones from the area moving on to provincials. Kelty and Callum Morrison are also moving on from the two person visual category, Jennifer Brunen, Alana Wildeboer, and Olivia Sheldon came out on top for public speaking. Kadence Loring and Jessica Dupre had the best one person visual presentations.

4-H provincials take place at the Keystone Centre in Brandon Mar 29.