Dauphin, Canada

Canadian Blood Services says people traveling abroad will have to wait before they can donate.

They are trying to ensure the Zika virus does not enter blood streams in Canada, so anyone going outside of Canada, the United States and Europe will have to wait 21 days after returning before they can donate blood.

Donor Relations Director Tracy Smith says you are better off donating blood before you leave.

"If you're thinking of traveling, especially as we get closer to the March break, come in and donate before you travel. That way, you can enjoy your vacation, and by the time you're eligible to donate again, you should be fine."

Smith advises people to check online to see if they're eligible to donate and to get vaccinated.

"I would just urge anyone that's traveling anywhere where they can vaccinations, to check at blood.ca to see if they are eligible. There's a quick little eligibility quiz and you can look up the vaccinations if you are traveling to see if you are eligible."

Canadian Blood Services also says if you have contracted malaria, you are ineligible to donate for at least six months after making a full recovery.