Dauphin, Canada
A former Dauphin MP has officially been kicked out of the Conservative Party of Canada.
Inky Mark represented Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa for 13 years, and was notified earlier this week that his membership to the Conservative Party has been revoked.
The Conservative Party of Canada cited the fact that he ran as an independent candidate in last year's election as the reason he was removed from the party. However, Mark says he has talked to other former Conservative MPs who have run outside the PC party, but says none of them have been treated the same way.
He believes the real reason his membership was revoked is because the party has a personal vendetta against him.
"I've always been very critical of the Harper leadership. I believe in democracy, I believe people should have options, people should have choices, people should have debates. He's not that type of person."
Mark thinks Canadian politics needs more people like him, who stay true to themselves and are not afraid to speak out against the leadership.
"People from all parties, all walks of life are sick and tired of the professional politicians or people who go to Ottawa and they forget who they are. They don't represent the people. We have too many like that, and that's why most people couldn't care less about politics."
Since failing to get re-elected last fall, Mark says he is enjoying a simple retired life.